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Jun 9

Programme alert

Next Sunday is the Bosun's Call event - see your newsletter emails.
And all Friday evening races are pursuits until the end of July. If you act as RO during this period, please make sure to follow the published programme.

Racing update

Friday 7th June: a bright evening, with a decent WSW breeze. The race was scheduled as the first in the pursuit series, but through oversight it was run as a handicap. It will still be counted in the pursuit series. Carol was the winner.

Sunday 9th June: a mainly cloudy day, but it stayed dry. The wind was generally from a northerly point, and very shifty again, with some big gusts, especially in the morning race; after lunch there were fewer gusts, but there was a continuous sequence of big shifts.

MikeW won all three races. In the morning handicap, Mick was second and SteveMa third; in the afternoon handicap, CharlieD was second, and SteveMa third again; and in the pursuit, SteveMa came second and Paul third.

The places at the top of the morning handicap series have switched around: SteveMa is now the leader; Chris is second, and Carol down to third; in the afternoon handicaps, Chris is now on top, with SteveMa second and AndyJ third; and in the pursuits, SteveMa is leading, MikeW is second and James third.

On Sundays we resume these series after next week's Bosun's Call, and go through to the end of July. On Friday evenings we are pausing the handicap races for now, and pick them up again in August; through June and July we make use of the longer evenings to run the pursuit series.

Bits and pieces

If we've got your name or other details wrong in the results, please don't just ignore it; we'll be glad to see an email from you to tell us about the problem, and we'll try to sort it out.

A reminder for race officers: if your race result sheets are not collected from you on the day, it would be helpful if you could email a copy to the address at the bottom of the form. A big thank you to all of you who help in this way.