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Sep 12

Racing update

Friday racing has finished now until next spring.

This Sunday the wind was disappointing again, but to be fair, we were warned, and several regular racers were put off by the forecast. Occasional puffs of breeze tempted people onto the water for the morning race, and the first two laps were manageable, if somewhat frustrating; but the wind failed after that, and the scores have been worked out on the basis of the timings for two laps. After lunch a breeze picked up initially, and all boats completed four laps, but the final one was again affected by the declining wind.

With almost no wind available after that, the scheduled pursuit race was abandoned.

Greg was the winner of both races, with Richard taking second place in the morning, and Stephen in the afternoon.

The same pattern is scheduled for Sundays until October 24th (the last Sunday of British Summer Time): handicaps before and after lunch, followed by a pursuit.

Bits and pieces

If we've got your name or other details wrong in the results (perhaps someone else signed for you, or we couldn't read your writing), please don't just ignore it; send us an email to tell us what's wrong, and we'll aim to correct it.

Remember that the 2021-24 version of the Racing Rules is now in force. You can see a summary here.

We are expecting to run the championship scheme this year, provided that we complete a sufficient number of series in the year. With the completion of the main summer series, we shall be providing an update in the near future.