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Club championship 2024

There is a completely new scheme this year. The main change is that there is a single competition for all boats, and no separate fleet competitions. The details are still subject to confirmation, but you can see a summary HERE , and the full rules HERE

Club championship 2023

We have opened out the scheme this year, so it's not just the the top three boats that can earn points from a series. Up to ten boats can score, so long as they sail in at least 30% of the races. This means you can get a better idea of how close you are to the lead.

The results are now complete, subject to checking and confirmation.

Steve McGuire is at the top of the overall Club Championship, by a large margin; Mike Wardale is second, and Steve Marshall is third, just ahead of Paul Glass.

Steve McGuire is also well clear at the top of the Fast Fleet competition, where Paul Glass is second, and Steve Marshall has equal points, but is ranked third under the tie-break rules.

In the Slow Fleet, Mike Wardale is well ahead in first place, then John Bucksey second, and Carol Butcher third.

HERE are all the details. You can see how we work it all out, and also see how YOU have ended up. If you want to delve even deeper, you can find the individual series results below, both overall and recalculated with the two fleets separated out.

So how does the scheme work?

Under this year's scheme, we select three HLSTC champions each year:

  • one for the Fast Fleet - Laser or lower PN;
  • one for the Slow Fleet - higher PN than the Laser;
  • and one for both fleets combined - the Club Champion.

We allocate championship points for the leading boats in each series - up to ten places if enough boats qualify. (You have to sail in at least 30% of the races to qualify for any points.) The actual scale of points is based on the F1 motor racing system. And we use a lower scale for any series that is poorly attended or if only a few races take place.

We work it out first for all the boats together, and then we do it again for the Fast Fleet alone and the Slow Fleet alone, as if in separate competitions.

At the end of the year, we total up the points in each of the three groups. The competitor with the highest number of championship points is then the champion. In case of a tie, we apply the tie-break rules of the Racing Rules of Sailing.

(Note: series wins are based on actual races sailed, with no more than two individual race scores coming from RO or OOD credits; any additional duty scores are converted to ROX or OODX with the same points as DNC.)

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