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Lasers in procession

Club championship scheme

2020-21 COVID impact. The scheme did not operate in 2020 because so few series were completed. We hope to resume the championship scheme in 2021, but this will depend on the number of race series we manage to complete.

We usually select three HLSTC champions each year:

  • one for the Fast Fleet - Laser or lower PN;
  • one for the Slow Fleet - higher PN than the Laser;
  • and one for both fleets combined - the Club Champion.

Within each of these divisions, we total up the number of series that each member wins, and the one with the highest number is the champion. In case of a tie, we go on to compare series second places (and then third, and so on).

(Note: series wins are based on actual races sailed, with no more than two individual race scores coming from RO or OOD credits; any additional duty scores are converted to ROX or OODX with the same points as DNC.)

You can see the results for recent years, by following the links in the left-hand column of this page. If you need more detail, you can find the individual series results below, both overall and recalculated with the two fleets separated out.

Current Year Series Detail


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