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This is how we run a pursuit race at HLSTC

An extract from the Race Officer's handbook

The race duration for an Enterprise is 40 mins; other classes will sail for proportionately more or less, according to their handicap number (PN).

Find the slowest boat racing, and trace along the coloured stripe until it turns down into a column. This is the column to use for timings.
(If the slow boat is not on a coloured stripe, use one higher up the page.)

Give a signal and start the 5 minute countdown sequence on the stopwatch.

When the countdown reaches zero, start the first class in the column; then work down the column, starting each class in the race as the watch shows the number of minutes given.

Finish the race when the watch shows the figure at the bottom of the column.

Detail of the tables

Here you can see the actual schedules for the pursuit races:

40 minute pursuit
50 minute pursuit

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. Chris Fife-Schaw
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