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Apr 15

A "lazy" wind

("Goes straight through you.") That's what greeted us on Sunday 14 Apr: a brisk E/SE breeze (all the way from Siberia), and the sky soon clouded over to give a chilly feel. No complaints, though: the wind was enough to keep us going fairly well through the morning race, without many capsizes. Occasional shifts, but within the normal range. After lunch, we seemed to be set for more of the same, but the breeze gradually faded, and a few holes developed.

We finally got our pursuit series up and running, though, even if the number of boats was less than impressive.

The honours for the three races were spread around, with James, Paul and Mike winning in that order.

Easter next weekend

The Easter weekend keeps to the same pattern of racing: still the usual three races on Sunday, as well as the one on Friday evening. Here's the link to the schedule.

Pictures available

There's always a selection on our facebook page. In addition:

Photos of the Boxing Day pursuit still available HERE

and some from the 13th Jan HERE; the 10th Feb HERE; and the 17th Feb HERE;

and then the breezy conditions on the 10th March HERE, and the 17th March HERE.