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Feb 17

Sunday series continued

Sunday 17th Feb was a fine breezy day, with a fresh SSWesterly, apart from a prolonged lull during the morning race. The gusts were not as strong as the previous week's, so we did not have a rash of capsizes, apart from Allan's spectacular effort just before finishing, which provided some entertainment for the spectators. The morning course was constrained by activities at the military end of the lake, resulting in a narrow starting leg, and a bit of close-quarters weaving, but mishaps were somehow avoided.

Chris took the morning race, from Lasers James and Steve M; after lunch Allan finished well ahead of the pack, but not far enough to overcome the handicap advantage of James and Steve.

Next week will mark the end of the Frostbite and Perisher Handicap series: after that we move on to the Spring series: still two races each Sunday for the first four weeks; after that we are into BST, and three races each Sunday. You can see all the details on the schedule HERE, together with the programme for the rest of the year.

Pictures available

There's always a selection on our facebook page. In addition:

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