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Jun 23

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Sunday 23rd June: again a brightish day with a reasonable wind. The direction was basically Easterly, but shifting a long way to either side, though not enough to frustrate the course designers: what was set as a beat remained a beat, and so on. The wind strength was middling - around F2-3, but there were one or two hefty gusts in the afternoon. Honours went to Mick in the handicaps, and Steve in the pursuit.

A reminder about pursuit finishes (prompted by today's race): if the hooter sounds for the finish, and there is reasonable doubt as to whether you are ahead of another boat or behind - for instance if you have chosen different courses for a beat, and are widely separated across the course - the Race Officer can often not decide how to place you. You both need to sail on after the signal, until you next come together, or until the next mark, and then it will be clear which one of you is better placed.

More Special Events

The next special is the Hawley Regatta on July 7th.

Following that comes the Comet Open meeting on July 14th. See the details here (pdf). If you are interested in taking part but don't own a Comet, there may be a chance to borrow one; please contact John Sturgeon.

Current Series

Apart from the special events, Sundays offer the usual three series until late July.

On Friday evenings, we have the pursuit series during the lighter evenings of June and July. We resume the handicap series in August

See the full programme here.

Handicap Revision

We are now following the RYA's 2019 recommendations for the majority of boats, and current result files have been updated accordingly. We are continuing to make an upward adjustment for a small number of classes (mainly those with PNs below 1000) for which the local conditions make the RYA figures unrealistic.

The new list can be seen HERE. It shows that the changes are for the most part quite small, and in fact the recalculation has only affected one race (SumPM02, 9th/10th places swapped).

Pictures available

There's always a selection on our facebook page. In addition:

Photos of the Boxing Day pursuit still available HERE

and some from the 13th Jan HERE; the 10th Feb HERE; and the 17th Feb HERE;

and then the breezy conditions on the 10th March HERE, and the 17th March HERE.

New pictures 16th June HERE.